Key Priorities



Approved by the Executive Board on 31/05/2017



1. Vision: More Sailors, More Fun, More Success

“Let’s help create the conditions to bring more people to have fun sailing and to succeed as sailors and as persons.”

The Executive Board wants to take what is probably a core goal of EUROSAF Members to the Continental level. How? By leveraging EUROSAF’s vantage position to coordinate projects across Europe and to facilitate resource and knowledge sharing among Members.

To achieve this vision together with the Members, the Executive Board shall rebuild trust and increase cooperation, working constructively and inclusively for sailing in Europe.


2. Value for Members: EUROSAF’s Raison d’Être

EUROSAF must bring value to its Members. The Executive Board shall implement projects to that end.

Projects can spring from both EUROSAF and its Members. Once a project is outlined, be it by a Member, a Committee, or the Executive Board, EUROSAF will reach to its Members to gather their support. Members will be invited to promote the projects and bring in experts with relevant knowledge and experience, locations and items to run activities, participants, and, in general, resources the project may need to succeed. No support means no implementation: this is the ultimate test of value for a project.


3. Short-Term Goals: Have EUROSAF Sailing Again

The Executive Board shall undertake to:

  •  Put in place the new Secretariat.

  •  Update the website and grow social media presence.

  •  Enhance communication with Members.

  •  Form strong Committees with a direct link to the Executive Board.

  •  Launch the process of revision of the Constitution as instructed by the General Assembly in Sofia.

  •  Strengthen the Race Officials Exchange Program.

  •  Consolidate current Events.

  •  Nurture a good relationship with World Sailing.


4. Long-Term Goals: From Consolidation and Development To Knowledge, Unity, and Trust

The Executive Board shall endeavour to:

  •  Give rise to new opportunities for the benefit of European sailors, coaches, race officials, and sport administrators.

  •  Impact sailing at Continental level in a strong, positive, and lasting way.

  •  Foster unity and trust in Europe to grow sailing into a powerful Continental sport.

Cooperation with and among Members

  •  Maximize the benefit to Members from cooperation within EUROSAF.

  •  Build stronger ties between Members.

  •  Build strong and mutually beneficial ties with the sailing community.

  •  Build on Members’ diversity a stronger EUROSAF.

  •  Work on the following objectives:

    •  Bring value to the sailing community through cooperation projects.

    •  Develop lasting and rewarding cooperation projects between Members.

    •  Maintain a good working relationship with all other sailing stakeholders (World Sailing, Continental Associations, Classes, Clubs).

Race Officials

  •  Help National Judges, Umpires, and Race Officers from European MNAs become International Race Officials and develop a successful international career.

  •  Give European international event organizers access to highly skilled International Race Officials.

  •  Work on the following objectives:

    •  Manage the European Race Officials’ Exchange Programme.

    •  Expand the successful Race Officials Exchange Program into training and help National Race Officials reach World Sailing’s International status.

    •  Organise an annual meeting of member MNAs at which the event exchange activities are agreed.

    •  Encourage greater participation in the Race Officials Exchange Programme by member MNAs, their National Race Officials, and their international event organizers.


  •  Promote a lifelong participation in sailing to fulfil the promise that “sailing is a sport for life.”

  •  Foster personal growth through sailing.

  •  Develop youth sailing in Europe.

  •  Work on the following objectives:

    •  Keep young sailors involved in the sport throughout youth and beyond, whether in competitive sailing or not.

    •  Offer young sailors consistent pathways from grassroots to (top) competitive sailing.


  •  Promote and facilitate sailing for all ages throughout Europe.

  •  Use EUROSAF Events as a way to foster personal growth through sailing.

  •  Work on the following objectives:

    •  Establish a circuit for Olympic or pre-Olympic teams, not clashing with World Sailing and World championships, for a convenient and close field of play.

    •  Develop policy proposals concerning EUROSAF Events, including championships, and other major EUROSAF European Events (other than World Sailing Events and World Sailing Class Events).


  • Step up actions and help increase participation and visibility.

Marketing & Media

  •  Make EUROSAF actions visible to its stakeholders, to the sailing community, and to the public in general.

  •  Manage EUROSAF’s value as an investment for funding partners.

  •  Work on the following objectives:

    • Develop an effective communication strategy for EUROSAF.

    • Develop a strategy for media relations and awareness.

European Sailing Academy

  •  Set up a European Sailing Academy to coordinate, develop, and distribute knowledge, training, and research about all matters related to sailing.

  •  Work on the following objectives:

    •  Bring value to the sailing community through knowledge, training, and research projects.

    •  Bridge the gap between sailing knowledge generators and users.

    •  Create a repository to collect, store, and distribute knowledge useful to the sailing community.

    •  Define and promote European standards of training in sailing.

    •  Detect mutually beneficial cooperation opportunities between Members and research or training institutions.

Regional Games

  • Become the natural interlocutor to the IOC.


  • Increase communication and promote non-Olympic classes.

Other Sailing Continental Associations

  • Collaborate for mutual benefit.


  • Consolidate a steady flow of revenue for EUROSAF’s projects.


  • Advance in line with IOC recommendations.