Electronic Extraordinary General Assembly


18 January 2021
Important Information

As published on 11 January, the Executive Board decided to convene an Electronic Extraordinary General Assembly on Saturday 30 January 2021, from 10.00h to 12.00h CET according to article 13bis of the Constitution with an electronic vote.

Please note that for administrative reasons one delegate from each Member has to register for this meeting (conference call) in advance. To register, please complete the  registration form sent to the official e-mail address of your Federation and return it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please register by Monday 25 January 2021. You will receive a confirmation via e-mail.

If more than one person want to attend the meeting, please register each person individually.

The two matters needing a decision, as noted, will be collected in a single e-mail as a set of questions and the e-mail sent by the secretary general to the official e-mail address of your Federation on 1 February. Example of question: “Do you approve that elections shall be held in 2021? Please state your response —> YES – NO – ABSTAIN.” No response or responses different from those shown shall count as a null vote for the question at hand. 

Three vice-presidents shall act as scrutineers of the vote and the whole process shall be monitored by a member of the Legal Committee. Therefore the response e-mails from each Member shall be sent to the whole Executive Board and to the Legal Committee member, just by using the “Reply to all recipients” option in your e-mail program. Only the last e-mail received from the official e-mail address of the Federation before midnight CET 8 February 2021 will be taken into consideration for the vote. The Executive Board expects to announce the results on 10 February.

Note that no vote will take place during the conference call itself, the vote being handled exclusively with the e-mail system described above. Attendance to the conference call is not a prerequisite for voting. All Members shall receive the voting e-mail and be able to vote. E-mails not received from the official e-mail address of your Federation will not be counted. 

The conference call will be organized on the Zoom platform. One delegate from each Member can connect by clicking on an access link sent to the e-mail address given in the registration. The link will be sent at least 2 days before the meeting. Please ask your delegate to contact the secretary general if they need further assistance and to pre-register.


11 January 2021
Notice of Meeting & Preliminary Agenda
In view of the current situation in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic and to be ready for the next Ordinary General Assembly in time, especially in case a physical meeting appears not possible in April, the EUROSAF Executive Board has deemed necessary to confirm with Members the interpretation of two articles of the EUROSAF Constitution before the notice of meeting of the Ordinary General Assembly is sent to them. 
Therefore, the Executive Board has decided to convene an online Electronic Extraordinary General Assembly on
Saturday 30 January 2021
10.00h–12.00h CET

1.     Resolution that elections shall be held in 2021
2.     Resolution that the General Assembly may be held electronically, according to the Executive Board, in which case an electronic voting system shall be used
3.     Other business

All further information, including the final agenda, will be sent and published by Monday 18 January at the latest.
30/01/2021 10:00 - 12:00
Online Meeting
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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