EUROSAF Cups consist of a specific number of existing regattas of a class or discipline in at least four different European countries as agreed with the respective class association. The results of these EUROSAF Cup events are included in the overall Cup ranking based on a special calculation method, resulting in a EUROSAF-sanctioned European ranking. EUROSAF Cups offer added value for classes, for organizing sailing clubs and for sailors:

  • European ranking system: The EUROSAF Cup ranking is a well-balanced European ranking system, which is not only interesting in itself but also supports teams to get funding and sponsoring.
  • European title: EUROSAF Cup sailors compete for a European title without having to attend additional events.
  • Bigger fleets: EUROSAF Cup events attract more competitors, as sailors want to take part in as many EUROSAF Cup events as possible to compete for the European title.
  • Publicity: EUROSAF Cup events are published and promoted by EUROSAF, which brings more visibility and recognition all over Europe – to the class in general, to the club, and to the event.
  • EUROSAF branding: Name and branding on site show that the event meets EUROSAF criteria.
  • Motivation: EUROSAF Cups motivate sailors to travel to selected regattas outside their home region, get to know different sailing spots, meet with old and make new friends.
  • Prizegiving: At the last event of the season the overall ranking is presented by a EUROSAF representative. The three best-placed boats also receive EUROSAF medals.
  • EUROSAF produces and publishes the Notice of Series, promotes and publishes the events – announcement, information, report and results – and compiles the EUROSAF Cup ranking list. The event is recognizable as a EUROSAF event in its name and through branding on site. At the last event of the season the overall ranking is presented, and the three winners receive EUROSAF medals.

Being part of it
EUROSAF Cup events must fulfil certain requirements to be included in the ranking (minimum 3 races, 15 boats, 3 nations, etc.). The best results in the overall ranking count for the sailors (discards depend on the total number of events the sailors attended).

More information on the current and historical EUROSAF Cups can be found in Activities.

EUROSAF aims to organize EUROSAF Cups with other international classes and disciplines and, where appropriate, to gradually expand them to other European countries.

@ Class Associations: If you are interested in offering a EUROSAF Cup for your sailors as well, please contact our secretary general.
@ Organizers/Clubs: If there is already a EUROSAF Cup for the class event you are organizing and you want your regatta to be part of the Cup, you are welcome to apply for it through your class association or our secretary general.