APPROVED ON 16/05/2023



Michael Mifsud (MLT) – Chair

Marino Fattori (SMR)

Yiannos Photiou (CYP)

Josep M. Pla (AND)




Terms of Reference

Approved on 16/05/2023

Reporting to EUROSAF Executive Board.

1. Goals

  1. Promote the presence of sailing in as many editions of the Games of the Small States of Europe (“the Games”) as possible, considering the capabilities of the nation organizing the Games (“the host nation”).
  2. Promote participation of sailors in the Games from as many nations as possible.
  3. Promote participation of sailors from participant nations to the Games in EUROSAF Events.

2. Objective

  1. Organize the sailing competition of the Games in the host nation with the direct assistance of the WP and under EUROSAF auspices, adapting it to the capabilities of the host nation, even when sailing is not included in the official programme of the Games.
  2. Achieve EUROSAF membership from all participant nations to the Games.
  3. Develop and recommend actions to be undertaken to achieve the goals.

3. Responsibilities

  1. Gather information about the situation of sailing and the capability to organize sailing competitions in each nation participant to the Games.
  2. Draft a proposal of common framework for the sailing competition in the Games (disciplines, classes, categories).
  3. Make recommendations to the Executive Board about actions that need to be undertaken.
  4. Coordinate actions to be undertaken by Members, especially participants to the Games.
  5. Liaise with the Executive Board member responsible for supporting the WP.

4. WP Membership

One member from each participant nation to the Games (AND, CYP, ISL, LIE, LUX, MLT, MON, MNE, and SMR) appointed by the Executive Board on their proposal.

5. Term

Up to the next Executive Board election. The Executive Board will review yearly the achievements of the WP and may change its membership or disband it in case of inactivity or poor performance, measured against its responsibilities.