Legal Committee
Constituted on 26 June 2017



Ion Echave (ESP) – Chair
Ali Engin Demirkan (TUR)
Balazs Hajdu (HUN)
Eyal Jaffe (ISR)
Stanislav Kassarov (BUL)
Dieter Neupert (SUI)


Liaison Officer

Josep M. Pla
Timo Haß (Deputy)


Terms of Reference

Approved on 29/04/2017
Reporting to EUROSAF Executive Board.


1. Goal

  1. Keep the Constitution updated as the main tool to solve institutional issues within EUROSAF.

2. Objectives

  1. Ensure the Constitution abides by Swiss law.
  2. Ensure the Constitution remains consistent throughout amendments.
  3. Ensure the Constitution remains consistent with EUROSAF goals.

3. Responsibilities

  1. Set up a consultation procedure to receive input from the Members concerning their views on the compliance of the Constitution with the objectives and come by with a reasoned opinion in time for decision at the 2018 AGM.
  2. Review submitted amendments to the Constitution and report on their compatibility with the objectives.
  3. Draft solutions to institutional issues submitted by Members or by the Executive Board that need a constitutional amendment.
  4. Draft solutions to technical issues detected in the Constitution.
  5. Liaise with the Executive Board member responsible for supporting the Committee.

4. Committee Membership

Up to five members, including a Chair and a Vice-Chair, appointed by the Executive Board for their specialist knowledge, experience, or ability, appropriate to the goals and objectives of the Committee.
The following credentials will be welcome from members:

  • Law degree
  • Experience in sports associations’ statutes
  • Problem solver

Term: four years.