Monnin takes the title

All in all 16 teams from 13 European countries competed in this year's EUROSAF Match Racing European Championships in Talllinn, Estonia. Swiss team from Eric Monnin took gold, beating the local heroes around Mati Sepp and his teammates. Bronze was given to the French team from Maxim Mesnil. Haven Kakumäe has - once more proven - to be an outstanding sailing area for those kind of events. 


1. Eric Monnin (SUI)

2. Mati Sepp (EST)

3. Maxime Mesnil (FRA)

4. Simon Bertheau (FRA)

5. Vladimir Lipavsky (RUS)

6. Ettore Botticini (ITA)

7. Dejan Presen (SLO)

8. Kim King (SWE)

9. James Pinder (GBR)

10. Georg Tallberg (FIN)

11. Jelmer van Beek (NED)

12. Emil Kjaer (DEN)

13. Patryk Zbroja (POL)

14. Max Trippolt (AUT)

15. Harles Liv (EST)

16. Pavel Zimin (RUS)