EUROSAF Parasailing European Championship 2018

The 2018 EUROSAF Parasailing European CHampionship will take place in Kiel (Germany) from 20 to 24 June 2018, together with the Kiel Week. The classes sailed will be the 2.4mR and the Hansa 303.

The enthusiasm about the perfect integration of the Para World Sailing Championships at the Kiel Week 2017 did cause quite a stir. Kim Andersen, President of World Sailing, John Petersson, member of the Governing Board of the International Paralympic Committee/IPC, Julius Beucher, Chairman of the German Association for Disabled Sports/DBS, and Tomasz Chamera, EUROSAF First Vicepresident did overwhelm Kiel with compliments. So granting Kiel to host the EUROSAF Parasailing European Championships in 2018 was the logical consequence.

Inclusion fits into Kiel’s concept. "We have ideal prerequisites for that, and inclusion has been a fixed part of the Kiel Week for years", explained the Head of Organisation of the Kiel Week regattas. In 2002, the Paralympic boat classes became part of the Kiel Week, since 2008 the 2.4mR class is an open class.

After the rearrangement of the marina area, the construction of a barrier-free conference site and the installation of a lift, the barrier-free 44m long and 1.80m wide access to pier 1 and several resting areas for short breaks were finished in 2016. The country, the federal state and the city of Kiel have invested 269,000 Euro for that and prepared Kiel perfectly well for the inclusion in the sailing sport.

For further information please contact:

Kieler Yacht-Club e.V. Kiellinie 70, 24105 Kiel, Germany
Tel.: +49 431 8 50 23, Fax: +49 431 8 39 39
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Photographic credits: Top picture 2.4mR (author: – Middle picture Hansa 303 (author: Reino Diez). With thanks.