President’s 2nd Letter – 06/06/2017

Dear friends,

Since the last message you received, five weeks ago, we at EUROSAF’s Executive Board have been working to provide you and all our MNAs with new material and proposals towards the correct workings of EUROSAF.


Four weeks ago you received the Terms of Reference of the newly formed EUROSAF Committees. In the meantime we have renamed the Youth Committee as Youth and Development Committee to emphasise its broad goals. Again, we encourage you to provide EUROSAF Committees with expert, willing, and team-spirited candidates. To that end the Secretary General has sent recently a nomination form to be filled in by candidates and sent back to him; please circulate it to the relevant persons.

Once the Committees are formed, EUROSAF’s basic structure will be in place and we will be able to provide you, the Members, with relevant, inspiring projects that make the most of your capacity to cooperate and exchange.

Singapore Informal Meeting

Two weeks ago you received the minutes of the informal meeting convened in Singapore, during World Sailing’s Mid-Year Meeting. Although telegraphic in style, they convey the matters treated at the meeting.

Key Priorities

During the informal meeting held in Singapore, an important question was raised; it concerned EUROSAF’s key priorities. And although they were quite clear around the Executive Board’s table, no official EUROSAF document had been circulated. In formal response to that request, find enclosed the Key Priorities approved by the Executive Board. We will be more than pleased to receive your feedback on them.

Together with the Terms of Reference of the Committees, which they complement and broaden, they form the framework on which EUROSAF projects will be built.

2017 Budget

Last week you have received the proposal of Budget for 2017. As explained in the accompanying notes prepared by the Treasurer, it is a continuity budget. Why? Because we do not expect to be able to change EUROSAF’s financial situation before next year. Take the opportunity to present your comments, questions, or proposals. And even though a tacit approval is deemed sufficient, we will very much welcome an explicit one until June 16th.


Be reminded of the following EUROSAF Events scheduled for 2017. The Notices of Race were sent in due time; should you need them resent, drop the Secretary General a line.

  • EUROSAF Match Racing, Open European Championship in Ledro, Italy, from 28th June to 2nd July 2017.

  • EUROSAF Para Sailing European Championships in Gdynia, Poland, from 18th to 22nd July.

  • EUROSAF Match Racing, Youth European Championship in Świnoujści, Poland, from 17th to 20th August.

We expect the Notice of Race of the EUROSAF Youth European Championship, to be held in Murcia, Spain, by end August, to be sent shortly.

For all these Championships we fondly request your support, via participation. The MNAs setting them up are eager to run successful, memorable events and expect their efforts to benefit as many European sailors as possible. So contribute by sending your teams and your sailors to take part in them. Spread the word!


We look forward to your comments, questions, proposals, and, above all, participation.

Best regards,

Josep M. PLA