Race Officials Exchange Programme Meeting 2018

EUROSAF's Race Officials Exchange Programme was the first EUROSAF meeting of 2018 and took place at the Royal Malta Yacht Club on 27 January 2018.

Race Officials and delegates from 30 countries convened to organize racing for 2018 in Europe. Under the expert guidance of Nino Shmueli (RO Committee Chair) and Stassi Weinberger (RO Committe Vicechair), the delegates were updated about EUROSAF Race Officials Exchange Program goals and projects and proceded to distribute events across Europe.

The Executive Board took to opportunity to meet the delegates in Malta and encouraged them in their endeavour to offer the sailors a fair field of play in all types of competitions.

The RO Exchange Meeting in Malta came to an end in late afternoon, finishing with a very nice evening in Valletta, 2018 European Capital of Culture.

Thanks to Anna Rossi and Peter Dimech for making the event such a great success. Perfect organisation and wonderful hospitality!

Next year, the EUROSAF Race Officials will meet in Athens on 12 January 2019.

Photographic credits: EUROSAF.