President’s 6th Letter – 26/02/2018

Dear friends,

From EUROSAF Executive Board we wish that 2018 has started well for you, your families, and your projects. As we are nearing the end of the first year of activity, we are converging towards the next AGM with a host of exciting projects.

2018 Annual General Meeting


The next EUROSAF Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in Limassol, Cyprus, on 21 April 2018, under the hospitality of Cyprus Yachting Association (CYA). The venue will be Limassol Sailing Centre in Cyprus. Details concerning registration and accommodation will be publicised as soon as they become available.


The agenda of the AGM will of course include all administrative tasks, such as reports, 2017 accounts and 2018 budget presentations, and also, importantly, presentations of Committees’ proposals, including those from the Legal Committee. The enclosed preliminary agenda was sent with the official notice of meeting and may be adjusted, in particular to include matters submitted by Members.

The Turkish Sailing Federation will make a presentation of the venue for the 2019 AGM and the floor will be open for venue proposals for 2020. Note that the 2019 AGM date clashes with Princesa Sofía Trophy and that the AGM will have to confirm or change the date. If your MNA wishes to host EUROSAF’s 2020 AGM, please check the enclosed document and contact the Secretary General. A short presentation will be expected.


A presentations session with the Committees will provide MNA delegates with the opportunity to give their input about, and jump into, the proposed projects. As an outstanding example, the Contact and Cooperation Committee has come up with two alluring new projects that will be presented at the AGM:

– The first one, already announced, combines training for sailors, coaches, and race officials followed by a competition to put the newly acquired skills to use: the 2018 EUROSAF European U23 Team Race Championship and Team Race Clinic for Athletes, Coaches, and Umpires will take place in Campione del Garda, Italy, dates to be announced, thanks to the kind collaboration of the Italian Sailing Federation.

– The second one brings sailing to young people in a fun and accessible way and keeps them connected to the sport: the Royal Dutch Watersport Association generously offers to share its experience, tools, and ressources with the succesful Optimist On Tour project, for the benefit of all European MNAs.

Race Officials Exchange Meeting

A very productive Race Officials Exchange Meeting took place in Malta on the last weekend in January thanks to the Malta Sailing Federation’s generous hospitality and effective organisation. The Executive Board updated the more than 30 delegates present on EUROSAF’s priorities, both global and concerning the Programme, confirming its support and its willingness to expand it towards training. The Chair and Vicechair of the RO Committee, Nino Shmueli and Stasi Weinberger, conducted the meeting to a high level of satisfaction from the delegates, who are eager to see the Programme consolidating and expanding.

A big thank you to Anna Rossi and Peter Dimech for the excellent organisation in their wonderful island.

Next year’s meeting will take place in Athens, Greece, on 12 January 2019.

Since the meeting in Malta, the web-based program used to manage the Programme has stopped to be available. In waiting for a new version, delegates, race officials, and events organisers are kindly asked to help the RO Committee in delivering a seamless service to all parties involved.


As already announced, the following Continental Events are scheduled for 2018:

– EUROSAF Parasailing European Championship in Kiel, Germany, from 16 to 24 June.

– EUROSAF Club Sailing Championship in Pylos, Greece, from 17 to 21 July.

– EUROSAF Open Match Race Europeans in Tallin, Estonia, from 8 to 12 August.

The bidding process is still open for the following Continental Events for 2018:

– EUROSAF Women Match Race Europeans.

– EUROSAF Youth Match Race Europeans.

The bidding process is also open until 15 March 2018 for the following Continental Events for 2019:

– EUROSAF Parasailing European Championship.

– EUROSAF Open Match Race Europeans.

– EUROSAF Women Match Race Europeans.

– EUROSAF Youth Match Race Europeans.

Contact the Secretary General if you are interested in organizing any of these events and use the enclosed bidding document to submit your bid. Then take the opportunity to present the event to the AGM delegates in Cyprus.


We have launched the first version of EUROSAF’s new website at There you will find EUROSAF’s reference information, future activities, and news. In particular, you will find in the Activities section all the information related to the 2018 AGM as soon as it becomes available.

Your comments are very welcome. In particular, check the information from your MNA at the Members section at and forward the updated information to the Secretary General with the enclosed document.

The historic information from the previous website will also be added.


We expect to see a good turnout at the AGM. We are packing the agenda with projects that showcase the possibilities offered by cooperation at a European level. Be sure to be in, to bring in your opinion and experience, and to make the most of them in favour of your sailors, coaches, and race officials.

We look forward to meeting you in Cyprus to work together for sailing in Europe.

Best regards,

Josep M. PLA