125th edition of Kiel Week

The 125. Kiel Week is linking tradition and innovation.  "After a year of records in 2018, the 125. edition of the Kiel Week will be a year with new elements. It is the event's nature to constantly reinvent itself and unite new elements with traditional classes", said the Head of Organization of the Kiel Week Regattas, Dirk Ramhorst, at the Kiel meeting at the 50. edition of the trade fair boot Duesseldorf.

With around 250 guests from economy, politics and sports, the organizers were looking at the Kiel Week 2019 (22. until 30. June) - together with their partners and active athletes.

The spectrum of sports of the Kiel Week ranges from the competitions of the National German Sailing Team to the European Championship of the traditional and booming OK Dinghy, from the classics to the foiling Moths and Wazsps, from the proud Swan 50 to the 4.06 meter Laser 4.7, from the races for the new Olympic discipline "Double Hand Offshore" to the 2.4mR competitions and the Youth Sailing Champions League, and at the same time offering a huge variety of social and cultural highlights.

And for the 125. Kiel Week in its 138 year, people will probably be celebrating even more. „Who does not know that from home: A milestone birthday is of course a reason to celebrate even more.  The Kiel Week will be shining in all its glory with all its facets for its 125. anniversary. At the moment we are still receiving the 'presents'", said City President Hans-Werner Tovar, who was speaking up for the continuation of the close relationship of the city and the sailing sport at the meeting in Duesseldorf. "In 2018 we could bring the sailing live and directly to the city center. This approach is very modern and will be continued", said Kiel's highest representative for the broadcasting of regattas on LED screens in the city center.  Apart from that, sustainability is a very important topic for the state capital Kiel.  "We are working in the areas of waste avoidance, waste separation and a system for deposits on cups", said Tovar.

"In the discussion about the Sailing World Cup, World Sailing always was criticizing our mixture of Olympic, international and offshore events, but especially the last ones now prove to be also perfect for World Sailing. Since we are the only 'classical' event, who can now directly react on the double-hand offshore format", added Ramhorst. Apart from the new Olympic disciplines for 2024 in France, the current Olympic classes will also be starting in Kiel.

And on top of that, the Kiel Week is getting wings.  In the 138. year of its existence, the traditional event proves ones more that it is up to date and heading off.  Next to the Olympic and 17 international classes, the 2.4mR and the offshore classes, foiling classes will also be at the start line.

For the foiling classes, there will be competitions for the One Design Waszp, Moth and "open" competitions. The foilers will have their own race course.

The first time, the Moths were sailing at the Kiel Week was in 2008.  Now they are coming back. The international Moth class is a single-handed sailing boat class with a length of 3.35m and a maximum width of 2.25m. It has two hydrofoils mounted underneath the hull.  Especially the 49er sailors love the only single-handed dinghy construction class, that is approved from World Sailing.  The Moths reach top speeds of over 35 knots (65km/h).


Kiel Week (22. until 30. June):

Part 1: (22. until 25. June):

Saturday, 22., until Monday, 24. June: Youth Sailing Champions League

Saturday, 22., until Tuesday, 25. June; 505, FD, Laser Rad. (open), 29er, Musto Skiff, 2.4mR, Laser 4.7, Europe, Contender, Foiling Open (including Waszp and Moth)

OK European Championship.

Part 2: (26./27. until 30. June):

Laser Std. M, Laser Rad. W, Finn M, 470 M/W, 49er M, 49erFX W, Nacra17 Mix.

Thursday, 27., until Sunday, 30. June: 420er, J/24, J/80 and J/70.

Offshore race course:

Saturday, 22. June: Rendezvous of the classics.

Saturday/Sunday (22. /23. June): Welcome Race (ORC Club, Albin Express, Albin Ballad and multi-hulls). Aalregatta: (Yardstick, OD, Folkboat).

Saturday, 22. June, until Tuesday, 25. June: Kiel Cup (ORC Int.)

Sunday (23. June): Start of the Nord Stream Race (Swan 50)

Wednesday until Sunday (26. - 30. June): Mixed Double Hand Offshore (ORC Club).

Thursday, 27. June: Senatspreis (ORC Club)

Friday/Saturday, 28. /29. June: Das Silberne Band (ORC Club).