President’s 18th Letter - 12/08/2020

Dear friends,


We are still in unchartered waters concerning the possibility for all sailors across Europe to resume sailing. In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have tried to keep as many EUROSAF events as possible to help come out of the current blocked situation, to give sailors opportunities to compete at a good level, and to offer ROs possibilities to put their experience to good use. The situation is not fully and homogeneously back to normal across Europe, but we think that fostering such opportunities is a way to go back to—maybe a new—normality. 

2020 Extraordinary General Assembly

At the electronic general assembly last April, EUROSAF Members voted for holding a physical meeting in Zagreb later in the year, with a tentative date by end September. During the discussion at the conference call held on 28 March, it was made clear that travel and meeting conditions would need to be favourable to organise such a meeting. The Croatian Sailing Federation has generously confirmed its invitation. Being now closer to the mentioned date, we come back to you to understand what is your current situation concerning travel limitations to and from Croatia and to gather your feedback concerning topics to put on the agenda.

Please confirm to the secretary general before 17 August your availability to attend a physical meeting in Zagreb on 26 September and enclose your views so that we can confirm the meeting and start the preparations. 

2022 General Assembly

Offers to organize the 2022 General Assembly are welcome!

2020 Events

In agreement with event organisers, we had to cancel three more events:

  • The EUROSAF Pirat Youth European Championship planned on Ratzeburger See, Groß Sarau, Germany, from 26 to 31 July.
  • The EUROSAF Match Racing, Open European Championship planned in Ekaterinburg, Russia, from 11 to 15 August; the 2021 edition will take place in the same place from 17 to 21 August 2021.
  • The EUROSAF Match Racing, Women European Championship planned in Locarno, Switzerland, from 15 to 18 October.

The following two events are taking place:

  • The EUROSAF L30 European Championship (fully crewed) is scheduled as planned in Marseille, France, from 20 to 23 August.
  • The EUROSAF Mixed Offshore European Championship will be sailed from 30 August to 5 September on L30 boats. The registration is open until 10 August. Qualification series will be sailed during the week, if need be, before the final, when crews will set sail for two nights at sea from downtown Genoa. A Virtual Regatta online event will be held at the same time. An offshore safety course will be organised before the event in Genoa.


In these difficult pandemic times for all countries and sailors, the EUROSAF Executive Board wishes you, your families, and your sailors a good health and also safe opportunities to make the most out of the summer sailing-wise.

Best regards,


Josep M. PLA