President’s 22nd Letter - 19/04/2021

Dear friends,

On 17 April delegates from 37 Members met online to hold the 2021 Ordinary General Assembly, a record turnout. Sadly, a further delegate could not attend due to health reasons and the meeting wished him well. Delegates and attendees deserved thanks for their patience during the long meeting, packed with information and decisions, including elections to the Executive Board.

World Sailing

Quanhai Li (CHN), president of World Sailing, addressed the meeting and summarized the current situation at the IOC with the Mixed Offshore event. Referring to the relationship between World Sailing and EUROSAF, he stressed the importance of building strong ties between the two organizations and expressed his support to continue consolidating them. Özlem Akdurak (TUR) and Tomasz Chamera (POL), vice-presidents of World Sailing, also attended the meeting. Thanks go to them for their attendance and support.


After Executive Board members highlighted some items of the President and Executive Report, sent beforehand, and the secretary general delivered her report, the General Assembly accepted the Armenian Sailing Federation as a Member. Welcome!

The accounts showed EUROSAF has consolidated its financial stability and is ready to undertake investments to support and expand its projects. The budget proposed continuity in recurring expenses and made funds available for projects.

In its way to improve EUROSAF’s governance, the Assembly approved three amendments to the Constitution and a Code of Ethics proposed by the Executive Board.

Dusan Vanicky (SVK) ended his term as auditor; Susanne Kuusansalo (FIN) joined Yiannos Photiou (CYP) as new auditor. Thanks go to the auditors for supervising EUROSAF accounts and congratulations to the new auditor.

The Ordinary General Assembly will meet in Zagreb, Croatia, on 09/04/2022 and in Balatonfüred, Hungary, on 22/04/2023 (TBC).

Race Officials Exchange Programme

Next Saturday 24/04/2021 the EUROSAF Race Officials Exchange Programme meeting will convene online to allocate race officials to events from June to December, to introduce two working parties established by the Executive Board—the ROEP IT/Software WP, chaired by Miroslav Bjelajac (CRO), and the ROEP Guidelines WP, chaired by Jack Roy (IRL)—, and to discuss the impact of the current situation on race officials and events. Register your delegate!

Development Webinars

They started by end February and will go on until end May, delivered by World Sailing development staff and open to all Members. Register through the secretary general and spread the word! Past recordings are available online; follow the links.

2021 EUROSAF Events

The EUROSAF Inclusive European Championship will be raced in Medemblik, the Netherlands, from 21 May to 1 June, as part of the EUROSAF Inclusive Sailing Cup.

The EUROSAF Match Racing, Youth European Championship will be sailed in Ledro, Italy, from 24 to 27 June.

The EUROSAF Match Racing, Open European Championship will be organized in Ekaterinburg, Russia, from 17 to 21 August.

The EUROSAF Club Sailing Championship will take place on Neue Donau, in the heart of Vienna, Austria, from 26 to 29 August.

The EUROSAF Mixed Offshore European Championship will be part of the Nastro Rosa regatta sailing from Genoa to Naples from 27 August to 5 September and will be the European qualifier to the Mixed Offshore World Championship run from Brindisi to Venice from 16 to 26 September.

Concerning EUROSAF Class championships:

Concerning EUROSAF Cups:

  • the EUROSAF 420 European Cup comprised 6 events (Vilamoura, Portugal—postponed—; San Remo, Italy; Izola, Slovenia—cancelled—; Martigues, France—postponed—; Csopak, Hungary; and Kiel, Germany—postponed—);
  • the EUROSAF Inclusive Sailing Cup included 6 events sailed in 2.4mR boats (Berlin, Germany—postponed—; Medemblik, the Netherlands; Jesolo, Italy; Achensee, Austria; Starnberger See, Germany; Máchovo Jezero, Czech Republic).

Cups are an effective way to enhance events’ reach, increase participation, and bring value to all parties involved without cluttering an easily overcrowded calendar. A EUROSAF Mixed Offshore Cup is underway.

The EUROSAF Match Racing, Women European Championship is the only EUROSAF Event lacking an organiser for 2021. Come forward with an application to support women match racing!

The bidding process for 2022 and 2023 EUROSAF Events is still open. Some have already been pre-empted. Come forward if you or your Clubs are interested in hosting one of them.

Executive Board Elections

Josep M. Pla (AND) was confirmed as EUROSAF president; Pınar Co?kuner Genç (TUR), Yana Dobzhitskaya (RUS), Timo Haß (GER) and Marco Predieri (ITA) were re-elected as vice-presidents; Anne Mallédant (FRA) and Alexandru Octavian Micu (ROU) completed the Executive Board. 

Congratulations go to all Executive Board members for their election; fond thanks to Tomasz Chamera (POL), former first vice-president—who decided not to seek re-election after his election as World Sailing vice-president last November—, for his lasting contribution to EUROSAF; and best wishes of continued collaboration to the candidates that were not elected.


Thanks go also to Members, delegates, and Committee members for the support to EUROSAF and the trust to the Executive Board they have shown during these last four years and to organizing authorities, race officials, coaches, and sailors involved in EUROSAF activities during this time. The new Executive Board aims at maintaining course and improving VMG.

When you are thinking about a sailing project or solving a sailing problem, bring EUROSAF into the equation. Probably other Members share your goal or may even have found a solution. Put your thoughts and efforts in common or seek expert advice from fellow Members. Come on board and enjoy EUROSAF’s multiplier effect!

Best wishes to you, your families, and your sailors: keep safe and go sailing!

Best regards,

Josep M. PLA