2021 EUROSAF Inclusive Sailing Events changed

In recent months it has become increasingly clear that not all international events will be possible this year in early summer. Especially as there are two sides to consider: The situation in the hosting country and the possibilities of the sailors to come. For that reason, the organizers of the 2021 EUROSAF Inclusive European Championship in Medemblik (NED) had to decide to cancel the event. 

The European Championship would also have been one of the events in the 2021 EUROSAF Inclusive Cup. At the same time, another event in Italy was added: The Trofeo Città di Jesolo will be part of the Cup, which thus contains six events. 

The EUROSAF Inclusive Cup is an annual competition based on a series of selected events organized in different European countries. There shall be a maximum of two events per country. 

More information and ongoing updates on the 2021 Inclusive Cup can be found here

Fotocredit: Polish Yachting Association