Race Officials Exchange Programme Meeting - Part 2

On Saturday, 24 April the second EUROSAF Race Officials Exchange Meeting of the year 2021 took place, where the places for Race Officials for all events from the beginning of June were allocated. 30 delegates from 27 nations attended the meeting to match their Race Officials and open spots in events all over Europe. For the first time, representatives from Latvia were also present.

Due to the exceptional situation with necessary postponements and cancellations this year, EUROSAF decided to hold the allocation in two stages: In a first meeting in January, all places were allocated until the end of May. Now the second meeting took place. After a follow-up to the first half of the season, 77 more open spots at 69 events were on the agenda. Almost all of the places offered were allocated.

Following the allocation procedure, Pınar Coşkuner Genç, first vice-president at EUROSAF, reported on the two Working Parties that were set up as a result of the meeting in January. They are looking at the ROE software and at guidelines, and will start work shortly. In addition, there shall be two more Working Parties in the future to meet the changed requirements for RO meetings and training opportunities.

The main objective of the EUROSAF Race Officials Exchange Programme is to provide experience especially for National Race Officials and help them to become International Race Officials as well as to help International Race Officials to broaden their knowledge and enhance their skills. For the organizers, this creates the opportunity to appoint competent and skilled Race Officials from outside their country, which results in improved standards and a higher consistency, thus benefiting the sailors.

This programme is open to all EUROSAF Member National Authorities. Event Organizers and Race Officials interested should contact their Member National Authority for more information how to apply.