EUROSAF Double Handed Mixed Offshore European Championship

The third edition of the EUROSAF Double Handed Mixed Offshore European Championship is held during the „Nastro Rosa Tour 2021“, using ten brand new Beneteau Figaro 3. The part of the race along the Genoa-Naples route will award the European title in the young discipline. There are ten teams starting, representing eight countries - Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy (two teams), Spain, Sweden, South Africa and USA (two teams).

Several well-known names are ready to compete in the challenging offshore races - Genoa-Civitavecchia, Civitavecchia-Gaeta, Gaeta-Naples - which will assign the continental title. Representing Italy will be Andrea Pendibene/Giovanna Valsecchi, bearers of the Marina Militare who have been sailing together for several seasons, and Alberto Bona/Cecilia Zorzi. On the starting line there will also be Irene Bezzi with Guillermo Altadill from Spain, who with his five tours of the World (four Volvo Ocean Race and one Barcelona World Race) is undoubtedly one of the most popular participants. Also Martin Stromberg, watch captain in three Volvo Ocean Race, and at the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour paired with Linnea Flosser representing Sweden. Attention also to the American combination of Laurent Givry and Erica Lush, a sailor who in the last six years has covered over forty thousand miles between the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean.

The regatta starts today, the first teams are expected to reach Civitavecchia around Monday afternoon.