New format starting: EUROSAF Mixed Offshore Series

The longest non stop, richest and most iconic race of the Med will open this new Mixed Offshore format in only a few weeks: 

2021 Nastro Rosa Veloce EUROSAF Mixed Offshore Series 
from 3 to 19 November 2021 
Italy, non-stop Venice–Genoa

In this first event 10 double mixed crews will sail a non-stop race on Figaro 3 boats without on-water assistance from Venice to Genoa, around Italy. Eight stop-overs are planned where boats may receive assistance ashore. 
Registration is open now!

The 2021 Nastro Rosa Veloce EUROSAF Mixed Offshore Series is organized by Yacht Club Italiano, under the aegis of Federazione Italiana Vela and the class Beneteau Figaro 3, in cooperation with the European Sailing Federation.

The prize pool will comprise 50,000 EUR and the “Navy Jack” trophy awarded by the Repubbliche Marinare, as well as additional trophies for speed records. 

3 November Boats ballots in Venice 
4-5 November Free training days 
6 November Start in front of San Marco Square 
19 November Prizegiving in Genoa

All boats will be specially equipped for long distance race, and the race will be accompanied by an intense media, video and photo program. There is no charter fee for participants, and they are allowed to bring their own sponsors on the boat.

In parallel, an e-regatta will be organized with virtual regatta.

Further information:; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.