The Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Veloce 2021 has started

The first edition of the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Veloce - Fincantieri Cup got underway on Sunday  afternoon. The regatta started with a twenty-four hour delay due to the closure of the Mose, decided to counter the high water emergency that, over the last few days, has "threatened" Venice. In a light breeze, the Beneteau Figaro 3s, whose final destination is Genoa, left famous „Piazza San Marco“ and the „Canal Grande“ behind them, gaining access to the open sea before turning south.

"The start of the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Veloce was a race against time, but now that the regatta has started there is great satisfaction in having created an event with a marked sporting value“, explains Riccardo Simoneschi, head of the organizing committee. „As always happens we had to deal with some last-minute setbacks, starting with the closure of the Mose, a sort of deja vu, since the first historic lifting of the floodgates took place last year on the occasion of the prologue of the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour.“ 

The race
The Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Veloce, a 1.492-mile "French-style" regatta, is the longest regatta in the Mediterranean. It runs along the route that, leaving Sicily to the right and passing through a number of mandatory gates (including Amalfi and Pisa to unite all the Maritime Republics) finishes in Genoa. The weather forecast promises a north-westerly breeze which, accompanied by widespread showers, is expected to blow between 8 and 12 knots and then become weak and unstable as the fleet progresses southwards.

List of participants: 
Team ENIT: Irene Bezzi- & Pietro D’Alì
Team Softway: Pam Lee & Andrea Fornaro
Team Genova - The Ocean Race: Dominique Knuppel & Guillerno Altadill 
Team Fratelli Visconti: Lisa Berger & Alex Laline 
Team Sanfer: Maggie Adamson & Matteo Ichino
Team Urban Value: Sophie Faguet & Pierre Leboucher
Team Venezia - Salone Nautico:  Cecilia Zorzi & Alessandro Torresani
Team Acone: Catherine Hunt & Alexis Thomas
Team Aeronautica Militare: Margherita Digrazia & Giancarlo Simeoli
Team Marina Militare: Elisabetta Maffei & Federico Piani

You can follow the race via live tracking!