President’s 28th Letter - 06/07/2022

Dear friends,

The pandemic that disrupted the world’s activity seemed under control a few weeks ago and is currently raging forward. While the lethality of the last variants seems lower and the impact on health infrastructure still under control, it is unclear whether we will be able to keep sailing without restrictions coming back. As if this was not worrying enough, peace in Europe seems well beyond the horizon.

War in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine sadly goes on and does not show signs of stopping. Many Ukrainian nationals and sailors are displaced across Europe. We have been supporting the Ukrainian Sailing Federation and its sailors by waiving all EUROSAF fees applicable to them, while some Executive Board members have been personally and directly involved in supporting Ukrainian teams.

Following the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the World Sailing statement in March, EUROSAF published a statement on 3 March 2022, which was subsequently confirmed by the General Assembly. While on 20 May the IOC confirmed and explained its guidance not to ban members of the Russian and Belarusian Olympic community from attending meetings, World Sailing took steps to the contrary, announced in a follow-up statement on 24 May. In view of these opposing positions, and with the—previously stated—strong belief that acting in line with the sports community will enhance our common response and that discussion and negotiation rather than exclusion and termination of communication are the best ways to bridge gaps, however wide, the Executive Board has evaluated the situation in close consultation with the Legal Committee and has decided to maintain its statement unchanged until further notice.

Despite the irreparable damage inflicted to Ukraine and its people and the revolting list of atrocities growing by the day, the Executive Board looks forward to peace returning immediately and to sailing resuming in friendly competition and remains ready to help Ukrainian people and sailors.


The following webinars took place this spring. Follow the links to view them:

  • 30/03/2022: Express Sailing by Alexandru Micu, vice-president of EUROSAF.
  • 20/04/2022: VolunSail by Anna Kuder (POL), project chair.
  • 04/05/2022: The Return of Para Sailing, by Massimo Dighe, Para World Sailing manager
  • 18/05/2022: School Sailing Program by Marco Predieri, vice-president of EUROSAF, Walter Cavallucci (ITA), World Sailing Group D Council member, and Antonietta de Falco (ITA), Italian Sailing Federation Board member.

A further webinar is planned after the summer. Stay tuned.

2022 EUROSAF Events

The following EUROSAF Events have taken place:

  • EUROSAF Mixed Offshore European Championship: sailed from La Maddalena, in Sardinia, to Genoa (Italy) from 10 to 15 May and won by Cecilia Zorzi, winner of last year’s edition, and Giovanni Di Monaco (ITA), followed by Pietro D’Alì and Lucille Frascari (ITA), and, closing the podium, Elena and Carlos Manera (ESP), closely followed by Barbara Karpinska and Vladimir Kulinichenko (POL/UKR).
  • EUROSAF 2.4mR European Championship: sailed in Saint-Pierre Quiberon, France, from 15 to 20 May and won by Megan Pascoe (GBR), with Damien Seguin (FRA) taking second place and Heiko Kröger (GER) third;
  • EUROSAF Match Racing, Open European Championship: successfully organized in Ravenna (Italy) from 23 to 26 June, with Eric Monnin (SUI) taking gold, followed by Aurélien Pierroz (FRA) and Jeppe Borch (DEN).

Next scheduled EUROSAF Events in 2022 are:

The following 2022 EUROSAF Events are open for bids:

  • EUROSAF Sailing Champions League (formerly EUROSAF Club Sailing Championship);
  • EUROSAF Inclusive European Championship (multiclass), which had to take place in Traunsee (Austria) from 2 to 6 June, and was cancelled by the organizing authority;
  • EUROSAF Match Racing, Youth European Championship, which had to take place in Lago di Ledro (Italy) from 9 to 12 June, and was cancelled by the organizing authority.

Contact the secretary general to host any of them. First come first served!

The EUROSAF 420 Cup and the EUROSAF Inclusive Cup are following their course as planned and a new EUROSAF Kite Spain Series has been set up, to be expanded to other Member countries next year.

The ranking that goes with EUROSAF Cups is a valuable service we are offering sailors who attend the events; it promotes participation and gives more value to sailors, classes, and organizing authorities without adding events to the calendar. EUROSAF Cups are open to all classes wishing to link events spread throughout Europe.

Organizers setting up EUROSAF Events are eager to run successful, memorable events and want their efforts to benefit as many European sailors as possible. Please pass this information to people in charge in your Federation and support the events by sending teams and sailors to participate. Take part and spread the word!

2023 EUROSAF Events

Bids received for EUROSAF Events in 2023 are the following (all places and dates TBC):

  • EUROSAF Match Racing, Youth European Championship: Nantes, France, from 28 April to 1 May;
  • EUROSAF Match Racing, Open European Championship: Corfu, Greece, from 10 to 14 May or from 4 to 8 October;
  • EUROSAF Mixed Offshore European Championship: The Hague, the Netherlands, from 23 to 29 May;
  • EUROSAF Match Racing, Women’s European Championship: Lago di Ledro, Italy, 15 to 18 June.

Only two 2023 EUROSAF Events are still open for bids: the EUROSAF Sailing Champions League and the multiclass EUROSAF Inclusive European Championship. Contact the secretary general to host any of them.

2024 EUROSAF Events

You can bid for the following 2024 EUROSAF Events until 30 September 2022:

  • EUROSAF Match Racing, Open European Championship (show of interest received)
  • EUROSAF Match Racing, Women's European Championship (show of interest received)
  • EUROSAF Match Racing, Youth European Championship
  • EUROSAF Mixed Offshore European Championship
  • EUROSAF Inclusive European Championship (multiclass)
  • EUROSAF Sailing Champions League

Contact the secretary general to host any of them and forward this information to clubs and organizers within your Federation.

Unity will make us stronger; if we follow diverging courses and allow politics to flood our values in pursuit of power and ambition, we will sink our sport. I wish you a summer as pleasant as possible; winter prospects appear daunting.

Best regards,

Josep M. PLA