Gold medal at the EUROSAF First 18 SE Open European Championship 22 for Karlo Hmeljak and Vid Jeranko

After 12 races (with two discards) the gold medal of the EUROSAF First SE Open EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 was taken by Vid Jeranko and Karlo Hmeljak, who dominated the top of the fleet at almost every try. The second place went to team Blue Sardina II with Dejan Presen and Dénes Szilágyi JK (MIPC), followed by Tit Plevnik and Andraž Mihelin (JK ŽivaAna) to complete the podium places. Three more Slovenian teams on the following places of the leaderboard, starting with Blaž Kmetec, Jure Jerkovič and Robert Zajc just in front of two family teams: Mitja, Urška and Sara Margon (JK Pirat Portorož) and Jan, Zala and Aleks Kobler (JK AdaLittle).

For the first two days, bora wind was greeting the contestants in the Bay of Piran, filling their sails with power up to 17 knots. Friday and Saturday brought the best possible sea breeze conditions with enough windspeeds to organize four and last two races. 

Mitja Margon, the president of Pirat Sailing Club: "We are pleased that we have hosted excellent sailors and managed to carry out the entire regatta program in ideal conditions. In addition to sailing, we also prepared an accompanying program for the competitors. I believe they had a great time also thanks to Pirat team that organized this regatta flawlessly."

Andraž Mihelin, co-founder of the Seascape company and a sailor: "Our wish is that this recreational class would attract as many people as possible to the water. Portorož has great potential, and with such a good organizing team, we wish to write more good sailing stories together."