President’s 32nd Letter - 18/09/2023

Dear friends,

Summer is ending and the calendar of events is still full all around (five EUROSAF Events in September only!) Let us not forget that normality is not everywhere yet and that many fellow sailors cannot enjoy our sport because of war in Europe.

EUROSAF Sailing Academy

As announced during the General Assembly in March, EUROSAF had just reached an agreement with the regional government of Murcia (southeast Spain) to open a EUROSAF Sailing Academy there to organize international courses, clinics, seminars, and competitions for EUROSAF and its Members.

The location on the Mar Menor, accessible from Alicante airport, has the welcome advantage that high-level sailing is possible all year round, with wonderful winter conditions. A natural lagoon, the Mar Menor is enclosed and therefore has virtually no waves, making it especially suitable for foiling disciplines. This EUROSAF Sailing Academy is ideal for many Member Federations to hold winter training courses or other activities when conditions at home are harsh.

The EUROSAF Sailing Academy is part of the Centro de Alto Rendimiento Infanta Cristina, a high level, multi-sport training centre in Los Alcázares, that belongs to the regional government of Murcia and provides auxiliary services, such as accommodation, meals, classrooms, gyms, etc., managed by the Region.

Thanks to the generous support it benefits from in Austria, with the secretariat in Neusiedl am See since 2017, EUROSAF has been able to develop more projects and services to Members. In a similar way, the EUROSAF Sailing Academy Centre in Spain opens new opportunities to expand the reach of activities and services provided to Members. EUROSAF can now use and offer Members and their sailors top-level, all-year-round facilities for all kinds of international sailing projects, be it competition or training, in a privileged setting.

The first event held under the agreement will be the 2023 EUROSAF Inclusive European Championship from 23 to 30 September 2023. More information at

Double Mixed Offshore

EUROSAF has been supporting the double mixed offshore (DMO) discipline since the very beginning, organizing the first ever championship in 2019 following the criteria setup for the Olympic proposal, forwarding the experience gained to WS staff, and taking part in the WS Working Group in charge of promoting it. For the record, in 2023 EUROSAF has organized the fifth EUROSAF Mixed Offshore European Championship.

EUROSAF’s accumulated experience has brought some insights to run a successful DMO event:

–   equal boats are absolutely necessary and this can only be achieved consistently with a fleet fully owned or managed, 365 days a year, by an organizer.

–   two nights at sea are a minimum, three being the best option as the game changes completely and team-, sleep-, and food-tactics must be adapted to the discipline, which proves challenging to sailors and enhances the discipline’s interest.

–   active social media participation by teams during the race must be embedded in the event and gives high returns in terms of fan activation and sponsor return.

–   to attract sailors the financials of the event must be tuned to make it virtually free for teams to attend, which requires the consistent involvement of committed sponsors.

EUROSAF has partnered with Sailing Series International (SSI), led by Riccardo Simoneschi, who have successfully organized the five EUROSAF European Championships thanks to their organizing and promoting skills and their ongoing partnership with important, reliable, and committed institutions and sponsors. The first two events used L30 boats; because they ceased to be available, the next three events have used ten Figaro3 boats directly managed by SSI and always equally rigged, equipped, and maintained. As a side note, the foils on the Figaro3 do not add any complexity to the handling of the boat, as they do not lift the boat and just help in lessening the drift; they rather provide a proven, safe equipment for offshore shorthanded sailing and add appeal to the boat for fans and media.

The last two years EUROSAF has received shows of interest from organizers in ESP, FRA, GER, NED, and TUR that have not gone forward for lack of a local fleet of equal boats or lack of a sound financial model, and very often for lack of both.

Because of the accumulated experience, we have been involved in the two DMO World Championships organized in 2021 and 2022, also by SSI, under the direct control of WS through its events manager; the EUROSAF European Championship was the European feeder to the Worlds.

During this time, SSI have used the Figaro3 boats to provide a wide range of other DMO opportunities with no charter nor entry fees for sailors: round Italy tour by legs from Genoa to Venice (Nastro Rosa Tour; 3rd edition in 2023); round Italy non-stop race from Venice to Genoa (Nastro Rosa Veloce, 3rd edition scheduled next October; reportedly the longest offshore race in the Med); female-only offshore events; etc., most of which under EUROSAF’s patronage.

After five years of offering DMO opportunities to mixed teams, attracting ladies remains a challenge; to push for more involvement the EUROSAF Double Female Offshore European Championship, a double female-only offshore event, will take place end September from Venice to Taranto, Italy, via Montenegro, with ten teams from eight nations and three continents.

It was disheartening to see so many supporters of the discipline disappear from the scene when the IOC decided not to grant it the Olympic status. EUROSAF has continued to toil nonetheless, together with SSI, for a discipline we believe is challenging for sailors and rewarding for everyone involved, including fans and sponsors.

The way forward for the DMO discipline is to develop fleets of equally rigged, equipped, and maintained boats together with an ecosystem of fully financed events, such as SSI has managed to build and linked to Continental and World Championships, that allow teams to focus on the discipline year-long.

Working Parties

At the General Assembly in March, Members proposed to set up an Ice Sailing Working Party to promote and facilitate ice sailing and winter kiting for all ages throughout Europe.

The process to set up the WPs is ending. If you have a candidate to join it, contact the Secretary General.

2023 EUROSAF Events

The current status of EUROSAF Events in 2023 is the following:

  • EUROSAF Match Racing, Youth European Championship: took place in Nantes, France, from 27 April to 1 May as planned.
  • EUROSAF eSailing European Championship: was organized by the Italian Sailing Federation using Virtual Regatta, from 17 to 29 May.
  • EUROSAF BENETEAU First 18 SE & Seascape18 Open European Championship: took place in Gmunden, Austria, from 7 to 11 June.
  • EUROSAF Mixed Offshore European Championship: sailed from La Spezia to Genoa, Italy, from 19 to 24 June.
  • EUROSAF Match Racing, Women’s European Championship: was held in Lago di Ledro, Italy, from 27 to 30 June.
  • EUROSAF Youth Club Sailing European Championship: was conducted in Versoix, Switzerland, from 29 June to 2 July.
  • EUROSAF BENETEAU First 27 SE & Seascape27 European Single-Handed Championship: has been organized in Svendborg, Denmark, from 13 to 17 September.
  • EUROSAF Pirat European Championship: is just taking place in Csopak, Hungary, from 16 to 23 September.
  • EUROSAF 69F European Championship: will be set up in Puntaldia, Italy, from 19 to 24 September.
  • EUROSAF Inclusive European Championship: will take place in Los Alcázares, Spain, from 23 to 30 September.
  • EUROSAF Double Female Offshore European Championship: will sail from Venice to Taranto, Italy, via Montenegro, from 26 September to 1 October.
  • EUROSAF Match Racing, Open European Championship: is scheduled in Bedanne, Normandy, France, from 5 to 9 December.
  • The EUROSAF Inclusive Cup, sailed in 2,4mR boats, planned six regattas: Jesolo, Italy; Velden am Woerthersee, Austria; Achensee, Austria; Geierswalder See, Germany; Prien, Germany, as the final event, with one cancellation (Lovere, Italy).

2024 EUROSAF Events

Take note of next year’s awarded events:

  • EUROSAF Match Racing, Open European Championship: Ravenna, Italy, dates TBA.
  • EUROSAF Match Racing, Women's European Championship: Ravenna, Italy, dates TBA.

Consider bidding for available events:

  • EUROSAF Inclusive European Championship (multiclass) (show of interest received).
  • EUROSAF Match Racing, Youth European Championship.
  • EUROSAF Mixed Offshore European Championship.

2025 EUROSAF Events

The bidding process for 2025 EUROSAF Events is still open for:

  • EUROSAF Inclusive European Championship (multiclass).
  • EUROSAF Match Racing, Open European Championship.
  • EUROSAF Match Racing, Women’s European Championship.
  • EUROSAF Match Racing, Youth European Championship.
  • EUROSAF Mixed Offshore European Championship.

Contact the secretary general to send your bid and inform your clubs and organizers!

I look forward to meeting your delegates in Málaga and discussing your projects and use of the EUROSAF Sailing Academy by your teams and sailors this winter and next year. 

Best regards,

Josep M. PLA